Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler


"Every child should have an equal chance at a quality education that prepares them for a productive life. Children born in economically segregated rich suburbs shouldn't get a better state funded public education than children born in Minneapolis.

We have dramatically underfunded higher education and the resulting double-digit tuition increases have made higher education unaffordable to many area families. We are not only wasting the talents of those unserved, but also ensuring that we will not be able to compete as a state for the good paying jobs and industries of tomorrow."
Diane Loeffler

Diane believes:

  • School funding policies should be revamped so every child has access to a public education of equal quality, whether born in a wealthy suburb or in a more diverse and challenged community like Minneapolis.
  • Changing school performance and curriculum standards in a political process every few years has to stop.
  • Quality early childhood education programs have been proven to be one of our best investments. We have not invested sufficiently in these despite the clear evidence that they reduce public costs long-term and have lifelong consequences in reducing drop out and delinquency rates.
  • Effective and involved parents play the key role in the school and life success of their children.
  • Higher education is the key to individual success and a strong economy that benefits all. We must reestablish this as a priority and assure affordable access not only to high school graduates but also adults who must retrain as job demands change.
  • Our libraries are an essential support for lifelong learning and key partners in all education efforts. State funding must adequately sustain them and recognize the Central Library of Minneapolis as the research support library for all Minnesotans.