Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler

The Environment

"Our wonderful natural resources make Minnesota a great place to live. For much of its history Northeast Minneapolis was the economic twin of downtown in providing jobs and fuelling the economy. Unfortunately a result of that history is significant pollution that must be addressed. We must address the sins of the past, reduce our environmental impact through promoting energy and resource conservation and renewable energy; and increase opportunities for the enjoyment of nature. Thoughtful redevelopment of our riverfront should make our area a natural destination and serve the entire community as much as the lakes do in South Minneapolis. Our area lacks that essential connection to nature and health promoting walking, running and biking trails."
Diane Loeffler

Diane will support:

  • State partnership in redevelopment of our riverfront. This should include addressing past pollution and promoting environmentally conscious design and development.
  • Protecting the natural habitat for wildlife and birds.
  • More opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature.
  • Pollution cleanup tied to revitalizing redevelopment of industrial properties.
  • Clean air efforts including clean energy and reducing vehicle emissions.
  • Improvements in transit and commuter and recreational bikeways in our area.
  • Clean water efforts including wetland preservation and water quality enhancements.
  • Policies that promote wise use of limited resources and environmentally conscious community and building design.