Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler

Fairness and Respect

"Assuring all a chance at a life that includes respect, contribution and fair treatment is a founding principle of our country and our Democratic Party. Our country’s basic values as embodied in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights direct respect for differences in religion and philosophy, freedom of the press and rights to privacy, and an equal chance for all to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Since our founding we have reaffirmed those core values by ensuring women and people of color the right to vote, and by assuring persons with disabilities access to education and a contributing role in the community. We are again in a time in which those basic values are being challenged by persons with a particular viewpoint they wish to impose on others. We as Democrats must stand firm in support of the basic tenets of fairness and respect for all."
Diane Loeffler

Diane will work to:

  • Ensure persons of all races, genders, national origins, age and sexual orientations have their basic civil rights respected and have equal opportunity in all aspects of life.
  • Ensure strong enforcement action against hate crimes.
  • Support programs that promote respect, non-violence, and combat bullying.
  • Ensure our state and federal constitutions serve their basic historic role as overarching guides for the operation of government.
  • Formally recognize in law all long-term committed relationships, including gay and lesbian partnerships.
  • Fight efforts to narrow the choices available to women in pursuing their own health care decisions whether that be information about or access to contraceptives, confidential sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, or abortion. All should have access to solid, comprehensive information on health issues and medical options.
  • Oppose the death penalty.
  • Address disparities.