Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler

I’m Diane Loeffler, State Representative for District 60A – the 15 neighborhoods of Northeast and Northern Southeast Minneapolis.

Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler speaking at the Legislature

It’s an honor to represent you at the State Capitol, a responsibility I take seriously and work hard at.

As a legislator, I am confronted with complex proposals, hundreds of bills, and the need to vote up or down on thousands of amendments.  In weighing the choices before me I consider whether or not they move us towards the following vision: 

I focus my energies on building a state:

where every child can succeed no matter where they're born,
  where higher education is affordable and achievable for most graduates,

  • where laid-off workers have reason to hope that there's a good new job for them in the Minnesota economy,
  • where the natural environment is respected and cared for,
  • where good affordable health care is not an elusive dream but available to all, whether a working family or a senior facing the challenges of aging, and
  • where every tax dollar works as hard as the person who earned it and state policies don't force cities and counties to raise property taxes.
Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler

These are lofty but approachable goals. I have been part of enacting laws and budgets that move us towards their achievement. But much more remains to be done and I look forward to contributing to the changes needed. 

Thanks for visiting my website. It’s active and engaged citizens that make democracy work.  After 8 years of service, I’m seeking re-election as the Democratic candidate in this fall’s  November 6th election. If after reviewing my work, you decide I have your support, I’d love to hear that.  Your ideas and feedback are important and help me do a better job of representing our area.