Minnesota State Representative Diane Loeffler

Good Jobs

"Good jobs are the key to a strong economy and essential for working individuals and families to have stable and successful lives."
Diane Loeffler

Diane will work to:

  • Recognize in state policy that good jobs that pay adequate salaries and provide good benefits are to be valued. and that employers who pay adequate salaries reduce public costs in sliding fee child care, affordable housing subsidies, and publicly funded health coverage for the uninsured. Those are necessary supports for many and need to be strengthened, but profitable businesses should be encouraged to pay self sufficiency wages. Companies that reflect these values and hire Minnesota taxpayers should be given priority in selecting companies for state contracts.
  • Outsourcing of good jobs has to end. Last year it was discovered that almost $30 million in computer programming work and phone support from one state agency went to a company employing low wage workers in India. Meanwhile recent graduates with computer degrees from local colleges cannot find work in their area of training.
  • Use state policy to build an economy based on full-time jobs that support workers basic needs, not persons having to depend on multiple part-time or temporary contract positions.
  • Increase the minimum wage and index it for inflation. Respected studies show this tends to raise wages for those with incomes above that floor, but yet in the bottom tier of wage earners. Everyone working 40 hours a week should earn enough to cover the basics of life.
  • Support the role of labor in providing an important collective voice for workers.
  • Create purchasing pools, assistance in reaching out to new markets, and other supports to help small businesses effectively compete and grow. Small businesses are particularly hit hard by our current property tax policies that need reform.
  • The focus should be on providing tax relief for small businesses statewide that expand and offer good jobs, not just those that build in selected Greater Minnesota small towns as in the JOBZ program initiated by the Governor. Our commercial corridors in the city deserve the same opportunities to attract new businesses and help them succeed in the initial start up years.
  • Help self-employed persons and small employers access affordable benefits through increased access to purchasing pools. Help ensure the success of these new purchasing pools by supporting outreach to the uninsured so they are able to attract a successful mix of healthy and health challenged enrollees.
  • Maintain the Dislocated Worker program and other supports for laid off workers. (Diane worked with labor in establishing this and defending it against threats.).
  • Public contributions to economic development should focus on helping businesses with good permanent jobs (that pay living wages or higher) expand locally.
  • Promote career ladders and opportunities for advancement.
  • Make higher education affordable to persons needing to retrain or upgrade skills.
  • Restore the cuts in child care assistance so children can be served in quality settings with fairly compensated child care workers. The tremendous cuts imposed last year have forced several quality child care centers to close, left more older children unsupervised, and pushed some parents back onto public assistance.