Today, these are the appearances of the twin sisters who played Carrie in “Little House on the Prairie”.

Rachel Lindsay and Sidney Robyn Greenbush were born to a father who was an actor, frequently playing in western films. It was not unexpected that the twins would have a gift for acting as well. Today, at the age of 51, the two are most recognized for portraying the character of Carrie Ingalls, the third daughter of the Ingalls family, on the popular television show Little House on the Prairie, which was broadcast from 1974 to 1983.

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Their initial acting experience was in the TV movie called “Sunshine”. In 1973, Billy Green Bush, their father who had appeared in several well-known movies like “Five Easy Pieces”, “MAS*H”, “Elvis and Me”, “Bonanza” and others, received a call from a friend who thought that the twins would be perfect for the character of Jill Hayden. The following year, Michael Landon was searching for actors for his TV show “Little House on the Prairie” and contacted Joseph Sargent, the director of “Sunshine”, who recommended the twins for the role of Carrie. Michael Landon didn’t take long to cast the adorable sisters as Carrie.

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Rachel Lindsay and Sidney Robyn, who played the role of Carrie in “Little House on the Prairie,” considered one episode from 1978, titled “The Godsister,” as their favorite. In this episode, they played the role of both Carrie and her imaginary friend, Alyssa. Sidney Robyn expressed that this episode was her favorite because it gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and prove that they were as good as anyone else on the show.

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The twins’ popularity was huge. They were loved by many, including the daughter of president Jimmy Carter, Amy Carter, who invited them over at the residence.

The sisters also had a brother who had occasional appearances on the show and acted in several movies in Hollywood throughout the years. When Michael Landon decided to write off the character of Carrie from the series, the twins moved on to other projects. Rachel Lindsay had a guest role in Matt Houston and Sidney Robyn starred in Hillie and Hambone. The twins had often auditioned for the same roles, which made it difficult for casting directors to choose between them and they lost parts because of this. Rachel Lindsay commented on this saying, “We were already used to that and we knew only one could get the role.”

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After retiring from acting, the twin sisters went to college. Rachel Lindsay is now living in California with her husband Daniel Sanchez and daughter Katlynn. She briefly dated Katlynn’s biological father in 1993 while working at a ski resort in Taos Ski Valley, but they have no contact now.

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Lindsay and Daniel married in 2004 but first met years before that, on the set of Little House on the Prairie, while she was acting and he was living nearby and was allowed at the filming location.

When reruns of the series are on television, Lindsay loves watching them. Today, she works as an equine iridologist and in property management.

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On the contrary, Sidney Robyn pursued a degree in animal science and became a member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. According to an interview in 2003 with, she currently works full time, is pursuing a Master’s degree, and focuses on breeding, training, showing, and selling American Quarter Horses. She plans to expand her breeding program and venture into embryo transfers in the future.

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The child actor was married to her husband William “Rocky” Foster for nine years. Foster was a veterinarian and horse breeder who worked with Sidney. Unfortunately, when the actor decided to divorce him, he tragically committed suicide in 2009. The sisters created wonderful memories for viewers by being part of one of the best TV shows.

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Today, these are the appearances of the twin sisters who played Carrie in “Little House on the Prairie”.
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